Jimmie Bratcher
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The Reverend Jimmie Bratcher

Preaching the Gospel & Playing the Blues

The Blues…it’s all about the soul of a man.  Who better to play the blues than a man who lost it all only to regain it again?  That’s what The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher is about! A man who gave up his love of the blues for a higher calling, only to have the blues come back to him as his higher calling 20 years later. A boy who went to Memphis to follow a dream that over 25 years later is realized every time he steps on the stage in blues clubs like Club Isaac Hayes in Memphis or The Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

At the age of 22 The Rev. took seriously the words of Muddy Waters, “If you want to know about the blues, ya gots to go back to church”.  That is precisely what the Rev. did, for nearly 20 years he went back to church and in 1995 he found himself as an associate pastor of a large church.  That Christmas started a process that allowed The Rev. to start to realize his lifelong dream . A group of his friends and family pooled together and got him a Fender Nashville Telecaster, and The Reverend started to write the blues.

Several years have passed since The Rev. made that decision, and from his time back in church, he has found a voice in his music, a voice made clear through a soul steeped in blues tradition and a heart transformed.  Over the last few years The Rev. has been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the most noted people in the industry and create four renown CD’s. Most notably The Rev. was joined in the studio by legendary Grammy Award Winning Producer Jim Gaines.

Whether you find him on Saturday night or Sunday morning, The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher will be dishing out heart pounding blues and riffs that will stand up next to any of today’s guitar masters.