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Apologies and Boundaries

Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking has a new hometown! Join Mark and Debbie on the first show taped in Mark’s home base of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s a new city and a new band, but the same humor and insight that you expect as Mark and Debbie take on the subject of how men’s brains think about apologizing. Find out why an man’s style of apology doesn’t always work for women and how all the wires in her brain can throw a twist into making up after an offense.

Husbands and wives will both want to watch as Mark talks about appropriate boundaries in your marriage and how you can safeguard your relationship from the slippery slope of opposite-sex friendships.

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4 Responses to “Apologies and Boundaries”

  1. Milona says:

    I so agree with Mark and Debbie on the “boundary” thing. There’s got to be very clear boundaries, and both the husband and the wife should respect those boundaries. And like Mark said, if the wife is not comfortable, what other people say don’t matter at all. The husband has just got to respect that. Great show Mark and Debbie, I love it!!! :)

  2. Michael says:

    I so agree with the boundaries comments. If eaither spouse is uncomfortable with a situation, the other should respect that. Amen!!!!

  3. Diena Basikbasik says:

    Hello Mark and Debby, i’m a married woman n have a sixteen yrs old the only son. As a mom, i hv spent time wt him my son, ronald genesis hill kareth, in talking or sharing. Sometimes we miss our head of the fam, in praying to start the day n thanksgiving to that day we hd finished in praying b4 going to bed. We always used to when our son was in yunior high. When i think abt this situation n with the all actvts he held, he’s rarely to take a part.this cond made us (parents) esp as a mom what should i do to my son n to remind my husb abt his recently office’s works! I lv my merriage n fam esp in Lord Jesus’ Altar. At last my husb is easily to get angry n nvr shared back things made us angry easily! Lead us to solve this situation. God help us to be good example to our son.

  4. Sharon says:

    My fiance and I have been in a long distance engagement for about two years now he lives in florida and I live in New Jersey. I plan on going to graduate school in florida and we were praying about getting married with just a pastor while we are living in the same state. What are your thoughts on marrying under God and not the state? We will eventually get married under the state after we finished school but our fiances are not allowing us to have the wedding that we want. We both are seeking god though this and just want to be married.

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