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Don’t Marry Too Young – Part 2

This episode is a continuation from last week’s Don’t Marry Too Young, battling the modern thinking that people should wait until their 30s to get married.

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8 Responses to “Don’t Marry Too Young – Part 2”

  1. alyssacarton says:

    Mark I love what youre doing keep it up. I wished I had heard of you as a teen. My parents didnt believe teens should do that so here I am 30 and now thinking it is time to get married.

  2. Robin Gibson says:

    I saw your program on 4-17-09, “don’t get married to young”, well I’m 55 and still looking. Am I foolish? Most of the gals are divorced or they go to church but don’t know the LORD. (That’s the first thing I ask “how did you get saved?”
    I’ve never been married and never been promiscuous either.

  3. Walter Jones says:

    I saw you on TV last night. Topic was that women must tell the man what she wants etc. Why on earth do you make all men look stupid? MALE BASHING is over done. Even the commercials make all men look dirty, stupid and pathetic. Do not put all of us in the same boat. Women would never allow this to happen to them. Notice the TV programs and all the commercials make men and boys looks brain dead, uneducated and dirty and oh yes—STUPID. I for one am tired of it. God sent his son and guess what—he was a man. No more faces and oh yes, let someone else get a word in edgewise.

  4. Carol says:

    I was discussing this with my 19year old tonight over the phone. Later this evening I saw this program and thought wow. I just sent it to her on FB. How timely. Thanks Mark. I love what you are teaching about marriage. God is using you mightily. Keep it going brother.

  5. susan says:

    i have eve recommended you to my friends i think you fantastic and you co-host having being married for those years brings a lot of expirience

  6. Manuel says:

    I would like to get married when the time is right.When GOD has planned a special someone out there for me and He will know when i will be ready so i have to wait patiently to see what GOD has in store for me later on in my life.

  7. David JL says:

    Mark, you are just marvelous to express Marriage like marathon, because Marriage does need a lot of endurance, preserverance, and efforts (from at least one party if not both).
    You also correct to compares a Sprint and Marathon to a Marriage because in Marriage you may start right but still end up mess up, or the other way: you may not start right but if you put effort and endurance, you will still end up right.
    Furthermore, all marriage is sure to experience at least more than once, in a situation where one party wanted to give up, feeling enough is enough, and it is so easy just to abandon a marriage; if you do not run like marathon, the marriage would have collapsed halfway.

    Maybe some do not agree, because their marriage is a miraculous one, where it sails smoothly on still water everyday, and everyday is a honeymoon. But is this kind of fairy tales marriage exist in this world ? I doubt it !

  8. Hermawan says:

    Mark…GOD should be applaused to give you such a talent to open our mind about everything that world is closing.incrideble!!

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