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He Must Be Thinking About Something

In this episode we examine the common myth about the way men think, specifically, is it possible for a man to think about absolutely nothing?

We sent Ross, our 33 year old intern out into the street back in my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin to talk to some people, here are some of the responses he got to this question.

When your husband would either come home from work or is just laying around the house staring off into space, did you ever ask him what are you thinking?
Wife: Yes, all of the time.

What was his response?
Wife: Nothing.

Do you believe that it is possible for a man to truly think about nothing?
Wife: No.
Wife: Sometimes, it depends.
Wife: No I don’t think so, I think there’s always going to be something going on… work, family, something.

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5 Responses to “He Must Be Thinking About Something”

  1. Ronda Tackett says:

    I had my DVR set to tape this episode and my husband was watching the Godfather 2, so I had to skip the recording, but something told me to go into the other room and watch. Wow it was like an eye opening experience! I then put the TV on pause after the show to talk to my husband about the boxes and the “nothing” box and he totaly agreed! I now have the clip on my facebook page to try to educate all other women. I feel so much better to know that I am not going insane… is just how my husband’s brain is made up. He has boxes and I have wires. Thank you!

  2. myrna chaffin says:

    I didn’t see the whole program, just the clip. The clip alone left me wondering about the full message. What is the answer that goes with the supposition that men can be thinking about nothing.??

  3. Tony Bryant says:

    Mark Gungor, you have to be the most gifted person I have ever encountered. It’s been a loooooong time since someone caught, and held, my attention the way you have sir. I’ve been trying to keep up with you ever since I discovered your telecast on TBN where you were promoting your book, “laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage” many months ago.
    I just wanted to make a comment about the “men have boxes” theory. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!! There has been many a time I have caught myself in my chair, just sitting there suffering from “brain-farts”. I mean TOTALLY blank-not thinkin’ bout nothin’! When something does “pop up”, that’s just what it is-one thing at a time. I thought it was just me until I ran into you.
    Thanks Mark!

  4. David says:

    Wow! I need some down town to recuperate from the day’s stresses. Someone asking me what I’m thinking is another stressor.

    If I were Hindu or Buddhist, I could just hum without someone interrupting the healing process.

    When I actually start to think about something, it’s “how can I get some alone time without my woman feeling rejected or uncherished or thinking I have some evil or inferior inclinations.”

    I guess that’s why saloons have so much business at “happy hour” – it allows for internal adjustments before going home. It’s like a deep sea diver spending time in a decompression chamber.

  5. Barb Gerry says:

    Did you write a book on Love,Marriage & Stinkin Thinkin? If so, how can I obtain a copy?

    Enjoyed your interview with that gorgeous blonde last night (July 30, 2009) in my NorthIdaho area – Spokane WA, viewing area.

    Thanks! BG

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