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I Have to be Honest with My Feelings

Today’s stinking thinking is “I have to be honest with my feelings.” Usually we run some footage of Ross interviewing people and getting some of these ridiculous comments, but there are some comments that are so dumb, it’s even hard to find regular people who even think this way. That’s the case with today’s show. Oddly enough, this is a biggie though, when people really get themselves in trouble. When they want to start bailing, when they want to start being irresponsible, they go to this idea, “Well, I have to be honest with my feelings. I know it’s wrong, I just know it’s cruel. I know it’s mean, and I know I’m a big, fat, stinking jerk, but I gotta be honest with my feelings.”

In no other area of life do people think this way! Can you imagine if people this morning, getting up and going to work, stopped and analyzed whether or not they were being honest with their feelings? Calling in to the boss, saying, “listen dude, I’d love to come to work, I really would, but I can’t be a hypocrite. I’ve got to be honest with my feelings this morning, I’m just not feeling it.” You know, you’d get your butt fired, for crying out loud, it’s insane. Can you imagine people in the military, fighting a war, and the Sarge says “Charge!” and the guy gets up and says, “honest Sarge, look, I would love to charge, honest. But I can’t be something that I’m not, man. I don’t want to by hypocritical… I’m just not feeling it right now.” I mean he’d take out a gun and shoot you in the head.

When it comes to the idea of marriage, people do the meanest, dirtiest, rotten, hurtful, stinking things to each other. All with the thinking of, “Well, I just have to be honest with my feelings.” This is, without a doubt, poisonous, destructive, stinking thinking.

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13 Responses to “I Have to be Honest with My Feelings”

  1. bubbles says:


    i have to be honest with my feelings…. it was so funny!! hahaha

  2. loree says:

    What i am desperately needing to know is how to deal with a husbands friends who are so obnoxious and every time you are near them you end up fighting with you husband,because he turns from the man you adore into a big jerk like them lickedy split!!!!!We are basicaly a very happy couple untill we or he gets around certain people, then our relationship goes out the window!!I am so happy to have this loving man in my life but i feel i don’t know how long i can deal with this bad behavior!!!!I need help

  3. Toni says:

    I am floored! You have stinking thinking. You blamed
    women for their cheating, abusing husbands. You set the
    entire responsibility for “Bad Marriages” totally on young,
    weak women,you told them needed to get mentored by stronger women so they could become more attractive to the opposite sex. You said boys will be bad if given the opportunity. You are a creep, i would like to punch you in the mouth hows that for a strong woman. There is some truth to what you say but a person cannot be confident when they are told day in and out that they are fat,ugly and beaten up you try it. You stupid foolish man you have done tons of damage.

  4. Lynn says:

    Ok, question? My husband after 13 years of marriage said, it is wrong to have sexual relations with me simply because I wasn’t a virgin when we got married. He knew the situation when we got married, but now 3 kids and 13 years later he decides he can’t touch me because I’m not actually his wife!!!! It has been almost 5 mths and nothing…. Tell me what do I do? Our marriage was good till now. Everyone who knows the situation said he is cheating on me. That is possible, I guess, maybe it’s not, I’m not sure. Am I being niave in thinking he’s not cheating on me. Or is it stinking thinking to think he is. I’m so confused!!!! I quite honestly don’t know what to do. I need a husband who wants me….and I want to be wanted… What do you do?

  5. Carole Lang'at-Fortune says:

    Amen, very short though, but from what i saw,quite captivating.

  6. Jane kyalo says:

    It must be frustrating not to be wanted and for this to come after 15 years of marriage. Your husband may or may not be cheating on you. You need to find out why he feels the way he feels now. This can best happen with the help of a counselor or a church elder he respects. Try and get him to see one with you. This is also a demonic attack and you need to get your family of believers to pray with you as well. Satan does not delight in seeing happy families. Am sorry about what you are going through and wish you the best as i pray with you.

  7. Gina says:

    I finaly watched your show tonight. Now I know why it is called “Stinking Thinking”. It is because your advise really does STINK! And, it seems to have come from the beginings of the femenist movement. You really should read “The WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men”. Then maybe you could give some real advise etc. that would actualy help.

    Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

  8. ElizabethSykes says:

    This is garbage stinking. My husband is suppose to be a preacher and he moved out of our home and moved a lady in his home who does not even have a job and we are yet married. He still goes to church, shouting, sitting in the pulpit and singing in the choir. He has no FEAR of God. What am I suppose to do. He also took everything out of our home. He left me with bills and now he is taking care of his other woman. What am I suppose to do?

  9. Manuel says:

    The best solution is to pray for either your husband or your wife about how they can make their marriage work when it comes to honesty to be perfectly honest to GOD about your honesty and feelings you like to tell him such as whether you love your spouse or not and also to hear what GOD is telling you in your inner voice and not to ignore it when it comes to GOD giving you help on your honesty GOD will create that miracle and he will choose the right husband or wife that he has for you because GOD knows how the relationship is going to start and how it’s going to end and whether the relationship will make you happy for the rest of your life or it can also ruin your life. GOD wants us to be happy in our lives and not live a life thats full of struggle especially when it comes to honesty for your marriage. The only way we can forget about our problems is through contacting GOD through prayer.Prayer is the key and the answer on how we can make our lives better and forget about the bad problems we have going on in our lives.The Bible is the only way to bring honesty peace and a perfect marriage to many couples out there who are in search for the real answer. GOD has all the answers and solutions in the palm of his hand and thats how Perfect GOD is.GOD is a GOD of Love and Perfection.

  10. Todd Campbell says:

    Watched only the short teaser on the Website, as I have with “Soulmate” and “God wants me to be happy” teasers, so can’t comment on the whole of any discussion, but the teasers tell me: a) don’t be completely honest with your spouse/BF/GF, b) marry someone even if you are miserable while dating, and c) finding a marriage partner whom you complement and who complements you is impossible, so why try, just take whatever life has given you. Forget marriage; I’d rather have immoral relationships that I can end quickly than contribute to the divorce rate. Marriage is overrated.

  11. jane herman says:

    I am SERIOUSLY offended, I was a single parent of a boy and my mom helped me raise him, he is now 23 and bright, intelligent, kind, loving, giving, and a hard worker. He does not do any of the stupid stuff you suggested!!! You need to think before you speak!!!!

  12. Jacqua Pace says:

    Feelings are all well and good and just as anything in life, in a desk, closet and silverware drawer. Everything has a place and everything should be in its place.
    There is a time and place for feelings to be aired and discussed and then againg there are times when they need to put under lock and key. Unfortunately, since the “The Kennedy Era” (I suppose as I wasn’t born yet). Parents stopped being parents, Father’s started leaving home, or worse yet ,staying home and beat their wives and kids or molesting the kids. Disfunctionality really started to blossom.

    Thank You.
    Jacqua Pace

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