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It’s Impossible to Make Women Happy

Today is a very important program, so if you’re watching at home, hit the TiVo, man. You gotta record this show, because I’m about to show you that it is not impossible to make women happy. I’m gonna talk to you and show you what it is that women want. Now this is a big deal, because for thousands of years, men have wanted to know, “what is it that women want?” This is a big deal because most women don’t know what it is that they want! They just know that they want something, and it seems impossible for them to communicate it to their husbands in a way that they understand. Hence everybody gets a sense that maybe you just can’t do it, you can’t make ‘em happy. But you can, because what women want is very simple, and it boils down to this:

Women want to be chosen.

All of life for a women is a junior high school dance where she’s standing on the other side of the room hoping some boy will come and pick her. It’s what she just lights up about during the dating process. Why? Because you’re calling her. You’re choosing her. Crossing to be with her. “Whoo, whoo, whoo! He called me.” They love that. This is what she celebrates on her wedding day with her girlfriends, and her girlfriends celebrate with her and envy her at the same time. They’re thrilled she’s been chosen. “When will somebody choose me?” is what she’s thinking. It starts out great, and it’s fabulous, but men make this fatal mistake, they think “I Do” means “I’m done” and they get themselves in all kinds of trouble. On today’s program, we’re gonna be talking about what it takes to make a woman feel chosen.

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14 Responses to “It’s Impossible to Make Women Happy”

  1. Tamara says:

    Wow! that’s great! I watched your show one night and loved it. I told myself that i was gonna tell my mom about it and how funny and real it was. the one when you talked about what where men really thinking. So i told her about it and she said “oh” so the next time your show came on tbn i rushed in the room and turned it on. Now, this one was the one about asking your husband to do something for more than once and thanking and my MOM laughed and afterwards she said “i used to talk like that to my husband!” I loved it. But she still say’s not all men are like that. :) lol

  2. Tamara says:

    It really is possible to make your wife happy. Being with her makes her VERY VERY happy. :) LOL

  3. alyssa says:

    mark your a genius keep it up

  4. Maurice says:

    Last time I remember my wife 100% happy (YES THERE IS SUCH A “THING”), it was right after I gave her a green light at a local mall, I sure was loved and kissed beyond belief, she even pay for the lunch, a what good memories, it lasted for a full few hours, the night was marvelous, till we wake up, I am so dumb for not having a video camera, at least I could have come back to those moments everytime I need to remember:
    “When my wife was 100% happy”..

  5. pamela says:

    I got married because, I Love my husband. I have the best husband ever, but it is not his job to make me happy. If you know Jesus as your savior. You will know though Jesus YOU can be happy.. I am Happy When I choose to be. It is your choice…

  6. Pearl Malyk says:

    don’t have a TV, so could only watch the clip, have purchased almost all your DVDs on marriage… they are great. My non christian husband even thought they were great (but won’t do them … sigh, grin) But your teaching is sound & true. … as for being HAPPY because we know Christ as our saviour, it’s true, & was happy, I honestly was while being battered & abused, used & manipulated almost daily … but it does NOT make for a lasting marriage. I’m HAPPY in & with my saviour irregardless of circumstances, but generally, eventually when it gets bad enough the woman leaves even though she loves her husband, because he takes, and takes & gets angry when anything is expected of him.

  7. paatridk frazier says:

    the show was very helpful to me, now after several years later, i realized why my previous marriage failed. I am changing my way of thinking, thanks to your program.

  8. Maria Dupuis says:

    When will Mark Gongor be in the area of Houma or New Orleans

  9. Benita says:

    When I watched your show about “Can menmake women happy…” I learned how to articulate something that I had been looking for but never felt in ALL of my previous relationships. I want to be CHOSEN and CHERISHED! I was unable to watch the whole episode but that part rang true with me and there came a level of clarity that I had not had before. However I do have a question. Men always ask why women don’t just tell them what they want. As a woman, how do I get over the notion that: If you do it just because I asked you it doesn’t mean as much and is not sincere as if you thought to do it yourself? Do ALL women have to teach the men in their lives HOW to love them? These are the things that I grew up believing. Now that I am older I am questioning the validity and resonability of those thought patterns. I want to adjust my thinking and replace old unreasonable ways with biblical sensible ways that truly do work. Can somebody PLEEEEEEAAAASSE help me!?!

  10. heidie ho !Just a quick note on mr. mark gungors marital advice,so far,ROCKS& RULES.Yea going abit old skool, cause i am.We’ve been married 12 years and i am the one who doesn’t listen(wife). I also feel that i am the one who has the nothing box. We just started to tune into your program recently and really enjoy the christ like reality of your advice(even though to my husbands chagrin i may not take it @ times,my bad)God is showing me the critical fault lines in my behaviour and is having me work on that pronto,but probably not as pronto as my husband would like(or my kids either)Thank you for doing what God has called you 2 do,you and yours take care.Julie and Bryan Hampton

  11. John Malika says:

    This show is awesome. my uncle called me laterly and adviced me to watch your show. it is the awesomest thing i have seen about the marriage approach. my fiance and i have grown to appreciate the institution of marriage. i enjoyed the show that spoke of sex till marriage. i thank God that we kept his standards till now. am waiting to enjoy the marriage gift when i finally marry Charity soon. God bless you all. From Kenya East Africa.

  12. Troy says:

    All they wish to be is chosen? Is this before or after they ask you what you do for a living and walk on? Men choose some women countless times a day, I guess they must be holding on for the best chooser? Okay, lets look at the best case scenario, the women is not being picky, doesn’t care how wealthy you are and is just looking to be chosen by a good person.. This requires men to approach her and get shot down until she finally get chosen by the man she would have chosen if she were choosing (if that makes sense). e Isn’t this a bit selfish and insensitive to subject people to this? If they act that way in the beginning of the relationship, just imagine how it’s going to be later. In my opinion, I think women should stop to think about what men ARE choosing. Not women who sit and fish, Not women who just hang out in the corner or a bar, legs crossed with a prissy gaze on her face. Not women who ask us what we do for a living or test us by trying to make us feel stupid about something. We are looking for reciprocation and mutual interest. We are looking to see if we are wanted just as much as we want them. We like meeting half way. Not meeting half way feels similar to when you have a friend who never calls you and you always have to call them. It’s never fun unless you’re just using her for her body. Many women say they can’t act aggressive because it’s not lady like, bull. There are plenty of things a woman can do that FRIENDLY without looking slutty. Like saying hi, showing interest, baking a guy cookies. I’m sure men and women both have their share of problems, but as long as men are always to blame, not will get resolved. I’m sure many men ARE selfish but look at what men are doing… They do the asking. They bring flowers and buy dinner. They open the doors. What are the women doing? Looking pretty I guess.

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