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Men Behaving Badly

If you or anyone you know has ever wondered what to do about a man who behaves very badly, this is the show for you to watch. Mark and Debbie look at both sides of the coin: What guys contribute to the situation and what women do that enables the rotten behavior. Get ready to be challenged in your thinking as Mark explains why our culture is in desperate need of strong, confident, respectful women—what he terms “butt-kicking women!”

Hear how the submission message that churches have been teaching and preaching for decades has contributed to the demise of marriage. You don’t want to miss what Mark has to say about the “just submit” advice many pastors give to answer marital issues.

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7 Responses to “Men Behaving Badly”

  1. P. THOMAS says:


  2. Pearl Malyk says:

    So few of us women have the courage to stand up kindly for what we believe in .. my marriage ended when my husband came home & tried to force me to sign away all my ‘homestead’ rights (a wife’s legal right to 1/2 of all our assets) .. he swore at me, screamed, called me names until I quietly got up & walked out … when I tried to return the next morning he’d locked me out of the house, so I didn’t see him/speak to him for about 3 months after that. I am now trying to slowly learn how to love him & treat him kindly without putting up with ANY of his horrible behaviour anymore. (he’s an alcoholic & I have no self worth … suprise, suprise .. hahaha) We still do not live together but are friends because I refuse to subject myself to the alcoholism & degradation any more… .

  3. L Martin says:

    Thank you for reminding females how they should be treated.
    Young girls in and out of the church need to know this.
    Sadly not many parents do not do a good enough job. God does care about how we treat others. :)

  4. L Martin says:

    It should of read “Sadly not many parents do a good enough job.” Sorry.

  5. terri says:

    more great counsel. I’m encouraging my 20something daughters to listen to these clips. I hope Mark has the butt-kicking women’s seminars!

  6. Jacqua Myers says:

    I happened to pick this clip on the very night that my soon to husband choose to pull one of his pyschotic episodes so it really helped me alot because after all the anguish he has put me through it has taken alot for me to be able to realize that I don’t have to take the abuse simply because he is the head of the house I must “submit and obey”. So thank you Mark for letting me know that it’s “OK” to so no I don’t have to do that any more. And Thank You Jesus for Being Beside me the whole time

    sincerely \
    Jacqua Myers

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