Stinking Thinking

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What we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be talking about how men and women think about relationships in this country today and the way the church thinks about relationships in this country. One of the biggest problems that we’re having today is instead of us, as people of faith, affecting our culture, we have allowed our culture to affect, or infect, us. The Bible says that we need to be transformed. Don’t be conformed, Paul said. Don’t let the world put you in its mold. We need to be transformed. How? By the changing of your mind. We gotta change the way we think, and the truth of the matter is, we are suffering from stinking thinking. In no greater area do we suffer from stinking thinking than when it comes to this idea of love and marriage. We have over-spiritualized it. We have over-romanticized it. You know? The realities, the relationships between men and women are pretty simple. It’s basic truth.

Our goal is to share with people: man, if you’ll do the right things, you’ll succeed. If you won’t, you’ll fail. Sadly today, millions of people have absolutely no idea what to do, and quite frankly, it’s not your fault. I mean, we used to learn these things from our parents, from our grandparents, but we’re at least three generations of wackos in this country now. Nobody’s learning anything from anybody, and quite frankly, you don’t want to be like your parents or your grandparents. I mean, that’s sad, isn’t it? A lot of people say, “I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want any part of that.” So they have literally, they are in a state today, where they don’t know what to do. What do I do, I don’t know. They think, “well, if I just pray enough.” That’s what I’m talking about with over-spiritualizing, if you just pray enough. But it’s over-spiritualizing things, and it doesn’t make the difference.

I believe in prayer, I really do, but the reality is, if you keep doing the wrong things, you’re gonna keep failing. See the problem is, the Bible says we should desire wisdom. Wisdom. Wisdom is practical wisdom, how you do stuff. Give me wisdom, seek after wisdom, because if you seek after wisdom, you’ll find what you need. That’s what Proverbs is teaching us, okay? But we don’t want wisdom today. We want revelation, we want miracles, we just want God to fix everything. Change stuff. “God, he’s an idiot, heal him.” You know, “God, she’s just driving me nuts, cast the devil out of her.” Or whatever the deal is. But the reality is, you just need to be nice to each other and learn how to work together and relate to each other. I can show you, in our material, when we talk about it on the show from week to week, about how to do these things. Straighten out the thinking that we have. So we start doing the right things.

Nancy: Yeah, I love that part about the emphasis on doing the right things. That’s, I think, a key, and it’s a missing ingredient. So I appreciate that very much.

Yeah, you know there’s a lot, when it comes down to this over-spiritualizing, the reality is, there are some wonderful people who really love God with all their hearts. They really do, and they can’t stand each other. They’re just dying in their relationships. There’s pastors, ministers, ministries you gotta listen to and send money to. They have a hard time, they can’t stand each other as husband and wife. They love Jesus, but they’re not getting it right, because they are lacking wisdom. You’re not just gonna get a revelation on this kind of thing, you gotta lerarn the right things to do. If you do the right things, you’ll succeed. If you don’t, you will fail.

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22 Responses to “Pilot”

  1. Nick Rath says:

    Ok. We saw the cover of the menu but no taste, no smell, nothing to tempt us inside. I have and use Marks DVD’s in my classes and expected something more than the show intro.
    I will be watching on Thurs morning.

    • Andrew says:

      Thank you for your comment, we have now updated the stinking thinking clip for the pilot episode and hope you’ll find it a better teaser for the show.

  2. Anita Skloss says:

    This is a late night set up (David Letterman) and I am not a fan of late night talk shows. The opening would make me turn the channel.

  3. Pearl Malyk says:

    I’ve purchased some of your tapes, my husband & I recently watched Laugh your way to a Better Marriage … my husband won’t go to church, curses God, hates ‘christians’, but did agree to watch your tapes .. he LOVED listening to you & did NOT disagree with ANYTHING you had to say (was truly amazing!) I have never known him to not pick anything to pieces, but he laughed & enjoyed what you had to say. Thanks! I wish I could watch your TV show … our marriage & many others NEED what you teach!

  4. Nancy says:

    Right on, Mark Gungor! I appreciate your perspective on marriage!

  5. Robyn Ius says:

    Thank you Mark,
    You are right when you say ‘we do not want to be like our parents’ because they did not have all the answers (infact my parents argued all the time) but parents want us to look up to them and would be insulted by that comment. What would you say to them? They are not saved.

  6. David Croyle says:

    Mark is fantastic with a crowd. The pressure will be on to see if he can translate his energy into a one-on-one discussion with a TV audience. I will be watching with anticipation.

  7. ZoomaZooma says:


    Preachy… nothing unique… good counsel, but a TV show?

    And Nancy just sits there looking pretty. More to her than that I’ll bet.

    The set is so 80′s. Going for Retro?

    Sorry but this is the time to be brutally honest– not once you’re already on the air and maybe not bringing in the audience.

    And I agree about the opening. The show does not deliver on its intensity or creative feel. At least not on this clip.

  8. Kevin says:

    My wife and I are excited about Mr Gunger’s tv show. We saw him in our city in 2008 for his “Laugh your way to a better marriage” weekend.

    Found him to be entertaining, not preachy, and tells it like it is. Made us look at our relationship closer not only with each other, but also with our children.

    Best of luck..and God Bless

  9. alyssa carton says:

    I was left wondering which pastors you were talking about that dont get along with their spouses. Since you know who they are maybe you can/should help them. I do think that saying that about them may cause people to look badly on tv preachers even more than they do already and that would affect what you are doing. You wanna be careful how you word stuff like that so you dont come across like you think you are better than them or smarter. That can easily turn people away from the wonderful stuff you are sharing. God Bless you in what you are trying to do. I hope this helps.

    • JEN says:


  10. Carla says:

    Amen! A breath of fresh air.
    I (particularly) enjoyed your take on the Phd’s & therapies. For me, my brain absorbs a lot of knowledge….and I enjoy it; however, there I sit, left with all this knowledge in my head with no real direction on where to apply it. My heart needs what my head has attained.
    Hey….I enjoy the simple things because they flow so naturally.
    I’m looking forward to what you all have to say next week on the show.
    As I said, a breath of fresh air to TBN.

  11. John says:

    Nice opening show….I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store. I had not heard of Mark before, but as a pastor, I am anxious to see how I can use this in my ministry to our hurting folks. I don’t believe he has been in our area before.

    The style of the show is what caught my eye! Unfortunately, TBN put a dry show on the end times on right after you. Didn’t take my remote long to click away! (but I did watch all of yours!)

  12. diane says:

    we need more shows on this topic of love and marriage and how the Bible says how and what works.we the church need to work harder at marriage, men and women communicate so differently , needs are so different. we need a program on love and marriage more often than once a week. i am in the process of watching the first episode. i think women r most always the ones searching out how to improve relationships. it is difficult for men to read a book and what else is there. anyway i am glad to see that their is a program that wikl address themany differences in men and women. emotions etc. thanks ill look for this on tbn

  13. Married@24 says:

    I’m a big fan as well but have to agree with some other posts here. I’ve recommended people to attend a seminar, loaned them my LYW DVD set, and even talk about the radio show. This clip doesn’t grab the attention the same way. Is it for a different crowd?

  14. Inspired says:

    My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. I was bearly 19. Somewhere along the way we forgot the basics! We saw Mark live in January. What a change it has been for our marriage. I agree that it was the funniest conference about everyday married life with some instruction from the big book mixed in. He was fantastic and the time there flew by. It has 360′d our marriage. We don’t have a bad marriage, but who’s marriage couldn’t use improvement, direction/help/guidance, and a reminder to be nice to each other. We do not have many great examples to emulate these days and we need to be those examples for our kids and those around us. Mark your doing a great thing for many families. I know you did for mine and we thank you! If you want that passion back in your marriage and the happiness back in your home–don’t miss out! Don’t let a clip be the tell all for you. I am going to watch the show, and continue to listen to the radio. If given the opportunity to go to the live show again – I wouldn’t miss it nor should you!!!! Take another couple with you and make it a date!

  15. Robert says:

    where can I watch the show online? Cant make the time slot it has … Needs a pod cast

  16. AJ says:

    Hey there, love Mark Gungor, and I will have to be honest as only I can. I thought the pilot was a bit awkward. No put down to any of the hosts. I dont want to come off as being “critical” (although I am criticizing, I pray this is constructive). I don’t believe you need a co-host Mark. You are a one man show, really watching you is like watching an entire cast of chararcters, lol. That and well not too sound so old fashioned, but women dont realy want to listen to a woman talking to men with her LEGS hanging out. Please lengthen the skirt some. It might sounds like I am “cat” fighting, once again I am not. But I am sure you guys have been in the business long enough to know that people wil always be honest with you. I am afraid that the show pilot I watched ON TBN mind you, was quite awkward for me and my husband to watch all because every time the camera showed both all I saw was this long leg with heels blaring and that was distracting. So in case no one has said it, which I highly doubt like I said you were on TBN [know your audience], I will be the “sacrificial lamb” [that was a joke] I love you both, seriously not rying to be harsh but I have to get it out in only the way I know how. Hope it all gets better for you! All the best!

  17. Stephanie Oliver says:

    so glad to here about the show….can’t wait to watch. Saw the clip…a little thrown by all the leg on camera….but hopefully won’t be an issue with viewers. Can’t wait to see the full show.

  18. Sally Thomas says:

    I agree the pilot was a little dry, but what aired on Sky-angel was a different show and it was funny and more like Marks seminars. About the hostess legs..I looked at the clip again she isn’t wearing a skirt, they are Bermuda shorts. I certainly wouldn’t want them to be in baggy sweaters and baggy pants. As a country we see much more than this walking down the aisle in walmart, or the local mall. Can we not appreciate that she had nice calfs and move on, I don’t see anyone complaining that Marks smile was distracting, or the fact that he is too tan…seriously if your husband is distracted from helpful funny content by the hostess’s legs perhaps you should tell him that he needs to stop commenting on them. Be a tough woman like Mark encourages.

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