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S2E1: What is Dating Really About?

Season Two kicks off in a new city, with a new co-host and a new format! Join Mark and the co-host of his daily radio show, Debbie Chavez, as they answer viewer emails on marriage and dating relationships. In Episode One Mark tackles the question of what dating is really all about. He explains how people can end up miserable and married after only a short time when they do a poor job during the dating process.

Important things to consider while dating include: making sure Christians only marry someone who is also a believer, watching how people react and not just how they act, looking at the person’s past history, and the need to involve family in your decision making process. If you date badly, you will marry badly. By using practical wisdom during dating, rather than trying to find a soul mate and a great physical or emotional connection, people can avoid having their marriages become train wrecks.

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3 Responses to “S2E1: What is Dating Really About?”

  1. Mrs. Littleton says:

    First time seeing you guys! Loved it! Thanks for all the practical wisdom. Dating/courtship is so romanticized anymore – that people are making the most important decision based on emotions; which as we all know can vary depending on amount of sleep, what we’ve eaten, and if PMS is involved. LOL Anyway, thank you for helping us set guidelines.
    God bless

  2. Diane says:

    Never knew about solemate premise. I need to tell “the girls”. I also wished I would have listened to my mother-in-law and waited for her son’s seed to grow before I married him. We were two people with holes looking for someone to complete us.

  3. April says:

    Wow! Love this show! Its hilarious and informational. Love the integration of “The Princess Bride” – love that movie. So many times the subjects of Love, Marriage and Dating is just too stiff or serious.

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