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S2E2: More on Dating!

On Episode Two Mark and Debbie continue their discussion from last time on how couples who have done a poor job during the dating process, generally find themselves in hell very early on in marriage. As Mark says, “It should take you years to get to hell! Not days or weeks!” On the list of dating “don’ts”: Don’t date in a vacuum, don’t get physical, don’t let your emotions make your decisions for you, don’t get married if you are an empty soul, and don’t expect God to just bring you a spouse.

Dating has become an over-romanticized and over-spiritualized endeavor in our culture. It really should be a time of discovering what a person is really like so there will be no huge surprises a few months into marriage. Successful marriages happen when both people do the right things and that includes dating the right way.

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  1. visions says:

    i watched your show this morning and what a great time i had!! i like the humor mixed with serious dialog. its about time. you talked about feminizing boys. what you said is so true, they are not female. matter of fact when they act female as you discribed its a real turn-off. its no balance and strength in the home. as a woman, you’re always reassuring the man which is draining and uneventful. the roles exchnge…the woman becomes the man.. thanks for the sure i’ll keep watching.

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