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True Love Gives without Expecting in Return

Now usually at this point, we go out into the everyday streets and we show you just the everyday people commenting on this subject, but this is one of these things that we couldn’t even find anybody who thought like this among the pagans. This is almost an exclusively religious stupid thinking, that true love gives, without expecting anything in return. We’ve heard this for years and years and years from preachers. This is the way God thinks, and this is the way people should think, and this is the way men should think, but it is not solid, it is not true, it is not biblical, and I’ll show you that in just a little bit as we talk about this. I often talk to women about how they need to motivate their husbands and how to get stuff out of them instead of sitting around waiting and crying and wishing he’d be like a girl and just give all by himself. That they need to reach out and take stuff from him.

One of the ways that I share with women how to do that, is to barter with the boy. Bartering is extremely offensive to women, because they don’t think they should have to do that, but they need to understand that bartering is the way a man thinks. Men are motivated by bartering; we do something to get something. We go to work because they pay us. If they didn’t pay us, I don’t think we’d go to work, okay? Doesn’t make us evil, it just makes us men. I tell women, look, if you want something from the guy, instead of just sitting around with your heart broken constantly because he doesn’t seem to notice what you want to do, just work with the boy. You see something he wants to do, and you’ve got something you want him to do, you just come to him and say “honey, would you like to do this thing you would like to do?” and he’ll go “uh, yeah?” “well then do this for me and you can do that” and all of a sudden you’ve got a guy who’s connecting and thinking about gee, this is how I can win with the girl.

Now, when I talk to religious groups about this, particularly pastors, they give me all this static, and say “brother, that’s not scriptural, that’s not biblical.” You shouldn’t do that, you should give without expecting anything in return. Says who? You know, there’s a lot of things God condemns about men, but never their need for reward in order to give. You look at the Bible from the very beginning and God says, “if you do this, I’ll give you this. If you do this, I’ll give you this. You don’t do this, I’ll kick your butt. But you do this…” Even in the New Testament, if you read the end of the bible, in Revelations where Jesus said, “if you’ll overcome, I’ll give you this, you overcome, I’ll give you this.” Over and over and over again. Don’t tell me that it’s unscriptural to have some kind of motivation going. I mean the whole idea of heaven and hell… pretty big incentive program, don’t you think? You know what I’m talking about? Jesus, one time, comes to the men, he’s speaking to the men, and he says “give,” now if he’d have been talking to women, he’d be done, right? Women love to give, they’re just givers by nature, they just love to give. But he’s talking to men, so he’s got to throw in the incentives, the reason the Bible’s so thick is because it’s talking to men… you’ve got to get all the incentives in. Okay? So Jesus says “give,” a one word command, and then he goes “and it will be given to you…” it’s like 36 words for the promise, 1 for the command. Don’t tell me that it’s unscriptural to get men to do stuff by showing them how they can win, how they can benefit as a result. It is not unspiritual, it is not sinful, it is not wicked in any way, shape, or form, and we’re going to talk about that more in today’s program.

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14 Responses to “True Love Gives without Expecting in Return”

  1. Jo Koskela says:

    Finally!!! More truth, more wisdom, more insight for the Churches of today! I love it, it is exactly what we are up to here in Australia.
    Lots of blessings

  2. alyssa carton says:

    I loved this clip.I love the awareness of the myths being brought to light!! wonderful stuff!!!! the show in my area is tonight so I will see it then. I am so excited to watch what you are doing. I absolutely love what you are doing!!!!! Whatever I can do to help your ministry grow I am in.
    your sister in the lord,

  3. stacy says:

    thank you. i have alwsys had horrible rekationships, heartbreak after heartbreak. i am beautiful and succesful. every one ended the same, i got cheated on and the new girl got everything i slways wantef from him. i always knew i was doing something wrong but didnt know what! well after heartbreak a million and 1.. tonite i cried and prayed.. and said God, i know its me…but i dont know whst to do….please change me.. tonight i saw this show and i know u are so right. it is hard to picture myself as this new woman, but i know God will change me…Thank you so much…you have changed my life

  4. Shirley says:

    I really enjoyed your clip/and part of the show. (I missed
    the first half). I’m going to try this approach on my
    husband. My way, wasn’t working, I believe he takes me
    for granted. I caught you by accident I look forward to
    seeing more of your broadcasts or clips. May the Lord
    bless your ministry.


  5. Bev Armstrong says:

    As a first time viewer, I was very impressed with how much I learned in such a short period of time. And it’s extremely useful information served up in a most entertaining fashion. I can’t wait to watch the next program!

  6. Maria says:

    I was watching TBN last night and your show was on. I knew right away there is something different about the way you spoke. I am married for 34 years and serving is my main gift, God gave me and I promise I am good at it. Now, since our kids are all married, I see that serving is all I do. My husband does not understand that all of a sutten I want things and calls me a control freak….I am ordering your tapes and we will start a NEW relation ship…love it!
    Thank you

  7. Anne Wyre says:

    We live in Orlando, FL and have Brighthouse cable with hundreds of stations and I cannot find the station TBN. Is there a sister station maybe; I hope. Thanks and next weekend my husband Chuck and I will be in Gainesville to see Mark in person and we are really looking forward to it. The only thing that could keep us from attending is my dad is under the care of Hospice and seems to be declining rapidly.

    God Bless, Anne Wyre

  8. Suzy Kasza says:

    Marriage is based on True Love, Respect, Honest, Share, Joy!

  9. Christine says:

    Love your show, and ya got me thinkin’ (and I’m kinda old!)…women do need to set conditions and we HAVE been given the wrong/opposite information. But it does take a lot of energy to do that. I think a lot of women think they’d just rather wait to meet an already grown-up guy. Unfortunately, they’re hard to find, but there’s hope if women will expect them to meet grown-up expectations. Also, your band ROCKS! Your humor is refreshing! And your show is Christian, and it’s real……I’ll be watchin’!

  10. seun says:

    You’re the man!!! its pathetic to know that christians believe many traditional thoughts that are supposedly from the bible but can’t give you any scriptural reference for their beliefs. Nowhere in the bible does it say we are supposed to give without expecting to receive. All it says is that we should give because we love God but we should also expect an harvest.

    If you have sex without a condom, you should expect a baby like wise, whatever you give you should expect an harvest. God gives seed to the sower. Sower is a person who sows. No sower sows without expecting an harvest. Thats just plain foolishness

  11. Joyce says:

    trololol! im going to get some insights here with regards to our debate..the proposition is “the best way to capture a man’s heart is to expect nothing in return” and we’re on the negative side. thanks a lot!

  12. Angela Salinas says:

    Love, Marriage, and Stinkin Thinkin. The title just says it all.

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