_TV Schedule (old)

Love, Marriage & Stinking Thinking is pleased to be carried on the following networks. We’re working hard to sign on new stations to make it even easier for you to watch our show. As stations can change their schedules, please check your local listings if you’re having trouble finding the show on one of the networks mentioned.

You can also watch season two on YouTube.

TBN How to Watch
Wednesday 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific
Sky Angel 2 on the Dish Network [266]
Tuesday 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific
Thursday 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific
Cornerstone TV How to Watch
Monday 9:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm Pacific
Wednesday 3:30pm Eastern / 12:30pm Pacific
Total Christian Television How to Watch
Monday 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific
Total Living Network How to Watch
Monday Las Vegas (KEEN) 8:00pm Pacific
San Francisco (KTLN) 8:00pm Pacific
Sky Angel IPTV (Ch 113) – 11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Pacific
Chicago (TLN) – 8:30pm Central
My Family TV Clearwater, FL
Sunday 1:00pm Eastern
WATC TV-57 Atlanta, GA
Saturday 8:00am Eastern
WJDW TV-21 Bishop, VA
Thursday 10:30pm Eastern
WLMB TV-40 Toledo, OH
Wednesday 10:30pm Eastern
Shine TV New Zealand
Tuesday 9:30pm
Wednesday 10:00am
Saturday 9:00pm
CTS TV Canada
Sunday Calgary (Shaw 51, Telus 4, OTA 32) – 10:00pm
Edmonton (Shaw 51, Telus 3, OTA 45) – 10:00pm
Upcoming Channels Coming Soon
Starfish Television
Legacy Television
The Spirit Word Channel